Programme up to August 2018
29th November (5th Wednesday)
'Landscapes and Wildlife' by Ralph Snook ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB

13th December
Christmas Party & Quiz. Bring goodies to eat .

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you All

10th January 2018
‘A Selection of Prints’ Including A to F, plus Yellowstone Park in Winter etc. A Print Presented by Andrew Marker FRPS
Hand in Projected Image Competition Entries

24th January
Projected Image Competition
‘Patterns in Nature’ and ‘Open’ subjects
Judged by Peter Weaver APAGB CPAGB LRPS

31st January (5th Wednesday)
‘Yet More Images’
A DPI and A/V presentation by Bob Bishop EFIAP/b BPE3* LRPS
Bring up to 4 Digital Images on disc or memory stick for our
knock out competition (A or B) in 2 weeks time.

14th February
Projected Image Knockout Competition (A or B)
Organised by Mike McKeown and Brian Lloyd.

28th February
‘Time Lapse Photography’
A Digital & A/V presentation by Ben Maliphant
Hand in ‘Panel of 3’ Competition entries.

14th March
‘Panel of 3’ Competition
A set of 3 Related Prints on a Mount and 3 Digital Related Images on a file. ‘Open’ Subject. See instructions for clarification
Judged by David Southwell ARPS EFIAP

28th March
‘Hungary and the Danube Delta’
A DPI Presentation by Shaun Boycott-Taylor ARPS AFIAP DPAGB

11th April
‘The Cotswold Lad Returns’
A projected Image and A/V Presentation by

25th April
Another Critique Evening
Bring along prints and or projected images for appraisal..
Hand in Print Competition Entries

9th May
Print Competition ‘Shadows’ and ‘Open’
Judged by Keith Spicer

23rd May
‘Member’s Audio/Visual Sequences
Bring an A/V of 4 Minutes maximum length. No video clips.

30th May (5th Wednesday)
‘The Julian Williams’ Portrait Night’
An opportunity to try portrait photography, using our studio lights and models. Bring your cameras

13th June
‘Annual Review’ Let us hear your views and suggestions.
The ‘Rose Chandler’ Monochrome print competition
Bring monochrome prints any size, mounted or unmounted.

27th June
An Exchange Visit by Downend Camera Club
To view some of their work.
Hand in Projected Image competition entries.

11th July
Projected Image Competition
Set Subject ‘Place Names’ (Cryptic) + ‘Open’ Subject
Judged by Ian Drake

25th July (5th Wednesday)
‘Presentation of Awards for 2017-2018’
Members to talk about their winning images as they are projected

8th August
WCPF 2018 Travelling Member’s Exhibition
A chance to see a selection of the ‘Member’s Exhibition’ Prints.

22nd August
‘Landscapes & Seascapes’
A digital presentation by Peter Haworth ARPS

29th August (5th Wednesday)
Quiz and American Supper At the ‘Barn’
Bring some Goodies to Eat.